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3 Mistakes Chatbot Creators Make
Despite all the hoopla around chatbots now, it’s not easy to create or even find a chatbot of inch-perfect quality. Let’s take a closer look at the most common problems that may lead to a failure.
How To Build Your Own Bots
Do you feel like leaving aside the maintenance of a separate mobile application to get your audience? But they are already here, use Telegram, Kik or Messenger. All you need is to create a smart agent to reach out.
Skype and Others Make Friends with Microsoft Bots
The Skype users are finally in luck: the corporation rolled out the Cortana and bots integration with the famous messenger, promising that Skype is not the end point in this artificial intelligent journey.
Bot Developers Will Get $1 Million in Grants
Telegram founder Pavel Durov has announced the payment of non-repayable grants for developers of bots - from $25K for every coder. The general fund is $1 000 000, according to the corporate blog of Telegram.
Can Bots Replace the Apps as They Intend To?
Sooner or later a new-come successful technology replaces the existing one – so goes the world. But who could ever predict that mobile apps would receive a competitor from amongst themselves – Messaging apps?
Facebook Launches the New Platform to Create Bots in Messenger
According to Zuckerberg, the bots will make it easier for the messenger users to order services and goods and open the new opportunities for business as well.
7 Telegram Bots to Make Your Life Easier and More Exciting
We picked up 7 bots that can make some tasks easier and add a pinch of entertainment into your everyday life.
Your Best AI Assistant Luka Has the Whole Army of Bots Now
Now the Lukas users can do literally everything from within one application just by chatting with the cutest helpers ever.
The First Great Update For Telegram Bots Is Already Here
Bot Platform 2.0. Now users can interact with bots using previously prepared answers, which are placed directly in the chat window below the messages.
7 undisputed leaders of Telegram bots
Here are 7 representatives of artificial intelligence which can search the scientific literature, advice on choosing movies for the evening, recommend English classes and many other.
We think you should be able to message a business like you would message a friend.
— Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's F8 Conference, 2016
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