Communication, Productivity & Workflow, Analytics
Communication, Productivity & Workflow, Analytics

Meet Turbot — a slack-bot that serves as your personal investment assistant. You can boost your productivity in obtaining financial information with Turbot.

Here are a few new functions:

#1: Turbot optimizes the portfolios for you.

#2: Turbot generates an all-in-one report on any company to help you get a quick grasp.

Turbot can quickly answer your questions on stock price, company fundamentals, relative value comparison, general industry overview, and other due to its own machine-learning news spider and an all-embracing financial database.

You can get a timely updates right in your channel that include news analysis and smart news summaries. You can subscribe to your stock news and put them onto price watch list in order to receive timely updates. “Turbo” the way how you acquire financial information and fast and efficient decisions!

Now, only US equities are covered and the advanced valuation functions are available to selected number of users. But the coverage and more functions (more stocks, FX, Fixed Income and Commodities) for everyone will be there soon.

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We think you should be able to message a business like you would message a friend.
— Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's F8 Conference, 2016
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