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Productivity & Workflow
Felix bot
Productivity & Workflow

Felix helps you focus on the most important daily tasks. Just drop him a line about the number-one goals for today, and then mark them as done as your day advances. It seems great to improve your productivity by simple steps.

You have to DM Felix to make him work for you. Not a team todo list, with it, your day will be planned effectively.

Every weekday, Felix will remind you at the beginning of your day and when you are online to make a list of your tasks for today.

Commands you can use:

- start to mark the beginning of your day.

- add to add another task, such as add Send Q1 financial report.

- show to see what is done and what should be done next.

- done when one of the tasks is completed, such as done 1.

- done all to set all the tasks as done.

- settings to change some modes, such as the morning ping

- feedback to give Felix feedback, such as feedback Send me weekly summaries

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