DBOT by Demisto

DBOT by Demisto

DBOT is going to protect your privacy. It is totally free and available on the basis of open source solution. DBOT precisely checks all the incoming files, URLs, IP addresses, and other data . There is no any group, channel, or message where it does not execute the scanning. In case the malicious contents is detected, it will alert you immediately.

You might be wondering why the bot of this kinds is at all needed.

Well, the point is that Slack has stopped to be just a communication tool for now. It is rather a business platform for sharing different activities, setting up the tasks, tracking results, monitoring world tendencies, and so forth. That is why the question of the security naturally comes at the first stage. You cannot allow viruses into your data of a great importance.

A simple example would get you to the right point. Imagine that you subscribed for receiving a comprehensive for your business information on the external website. At the moment when you click a malicious URL placed into an Incoming email, all your data gets affected. This is done in a matter of seconds.

DBOT will not allow such situation. The Slack users may sleep a peaceful sleep when using it.

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We think you should be able to message a business like you would message a friend.
— Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's F8 Conference, 2016
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